Impressed with the efficiency and detailed procedures - Ray Prasad

Be Educated Organizers have chosen a very worthy cause to set up libraries in rural areas in countries like India and Nepal to allow the rural communities to discover the benefits of education. A library is not only a place to learn about the world around us but also a community center for the betterment of the community it serves. I am impressed with the efficiency and detailed procedures that Be Educated Organizers have developed to manage this difficult project. Their organizational skills and methodology can be used by others who aspire to initiate and fund various other deserving causes like adult education, sanitation, health clinics and clean drinking water in rural areas.

I am pleased to be associated with organizations like Be Educated that are dedicated to expanding the opportunities and horizons for the young and old, especially women in remote corners of our world. I encourage everyone, but particularly those of us who are the beneficiaries of education and privileged to be living in this country to do all we can to help such worthy causes by giving generously of our time and money.

Ray Prasad
Ray Prasad Consultancy Group
Portland, Oregon , USA


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