When people don’t get paid, they are working from the heart - by Maria Ruffin

Genius lies in the ability to create prosperity and happiness for the other 90% that have nothing, that live in poverty, war, disease, and little opportunities for education. But most of our resources for education, medical, government, homes, etc. are created and marketed for 10% of the world that has everything. They have the economic resources and education to acquire these things to a sometimes gluttonous degree.

I am proud to assist in a small way for the “Be Educated Movement” that provides libraries for disadvantaged children in villages and slum areas. I know this great movement for education of the poor will become a worldwide effort in the future. Education is one of the best ways to fight poverty, illness due to the lack of understanding, and many other social grievances that plague poor societies. I am very grateful that I can contribute and I hope many more will find it in their hearts to do the same.

Muria Ruffin

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