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Ved Prakash Azad
Country Coordinator INDIA
Serving Since 2005
Year of Birth  1967
Family Wife and two children
Education BA
Profession Indian Industries Association, Working as Coordinator
Background I am the youngest son of the family. I grewup in Lucknow, but our family has always associated with native village. 
Hobbies Reading, travelling, Computer
Why Associated Since my childhood I had passion to do some thing and help the community. I am glad to associate with this movement. My dreams came true.
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Diksha Ratnesh
Country Coordinator,Sourabh Sansthan INDIA
Serving Since 2008

Year of Birth  1986
Family Husband ( Sr. Software Eng.) and 3 year old son
Education M.A. in Mass Communication, NET
Profession Country Coordinator, Sourabh Sansthan, Media and PR professional (Amar Ujala Publication and RKCO pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon)
Background I graduated in sociology and further journalism makes me to understand the communication and social work relativity which fulfill the need of  hour that is to spread benefit up to the root. NSS certification forces my consious to choose development communication and social service as my area of work. Offering my services and volunteering social service is my passion.
Hobbies Reading, Social work
Why Associated Sourabh Sansthan workes for uliftment of society since 1995. It is registered under society registration act 1860 article 21 and it has also recieved registration of FCRA and 80 G, 12A of I.T. Act.We are engage in providing selfless services as in health, education, sanitation etc. As a country coordinator of Sourabh (Social Organization for Urban, Rural and Basically Helpless) Sansthan NGO which vision is to empowering women and to establish "a educated and discrimination free society" I got the opportunity to work for this unique movement of education. Our Sansthan is glad to join hands with be educated movement
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Deep Gaur - 011-919450580337
Narendra Verma  - 011-919451436115
Dr H Mote -011-919451381331

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