Board of Directors Meeting Notes - 02/06/2019


The meeting of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS (BoD) of BE EDUCATED MOVEMENT, INC. (USA) was held on Wednesday, 2/06/2019 at 8:30 p.m. (EST) at the Principal Office 12 PORCHER STREET, DOVER DELAWARE, 19901 (USA), set forth in written Waiver of notice signed and agreed by all the Directors. It was a conference call meeting.

Meeting called to order by Sanjay and moved and seconded by Ashok.




Mahesh Gurugunti - – Board Member –  via phone

Ashok Kumar – Board Member – via phone

Mahendra Kumar - Board Member – via phone

Sanjay Kumar - Board Member – in person at principal office address

Ray Prasad – Board Member – via phone

Dr. Manoj Srivastava – Board Member – via phone 

 Finance Update:

Current funds available:

·       $8780 in Checking account

·       $5143 in Paypal

Project Update:

2019 initiatives to continue:

·       Ongoing support for active libraries 

·       Talent Search will continue at remaining libraries

·       Future Girlz Program (2 existing and 2 new locations - MP Location is finalized and searching for another location)

·       Home for the Angles (1 existing)

-       Pakistan projects are on Hold 

New initiatives:

·       No New Libraries, We will further review performance of existing 64 Libraries in India and 17 Libraries in Nepal to continue.

Accomplished from last meeting

·      Donation Letters dispatched by Ashok

·      Sanjay and Ashok prepared donation request flyer and sent to board.

Discussion -

Sanjay mentioned that Karuna has submitted her resignation. Board accepts Karuna's resignation and expressing gratitude for her services.

Manoj wants board to think of making Libraries self funded (fully/Partly). Board will discuss various options in next meeting.

Board discussed on various options for fundraiser and concluded following 5 options

  - Organizing events at meets at different cities and present our programs and request fund. These meet can be a simple visiting friends and family to organizing event like Power of ONE, concerts, Quiz, Volleyball competition. Ray Prasad will be organizing dinner event at his place.

- Reaching out to new donors who can enroll for a fix monthly donation.

- Prepare fund request flyer and Run donation drives. (Atleast 2 drives a year)

- Submitting Grant Requests to corporate 

- Involving students and assign a project to the them. Task them to Raise and execute the sub-task (Like assigning task to raise fund for computer on specific future girlz project, fund for library) 

- Donation Via Raffle  

Key Decisions:

·       Board members will donate $1000 a year - Recommended donation  - From Previous meeting

·       Board finalized five options of raising fund. Each board member requested to layout their plan choosing one or many options and share with board. 

Action Items:

·      Each board member requested to layout their plan choosing one or many options and share with board.  Members need to reply which option they would like to work with and what their plan is.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Sanjay kumar


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