New Progarm 'Future Girlz' to Empower Girls

Overview: Mainly focusing on excelling Girl’s education, this program was initiated in 2018 with a pilot project at a girls center in Rajkot City. This center has around 55 girls from all over Gujarat's remote villages. Girls from ages 8 to 18 are living here at no cost and doing their schooling in a city schools for a better quality of education. Under this program, we modernized the center with Books, TV, Computers and also hired math, computer and English teachers for after-school coaching program. The center is usually still in the actual owner's control. Our program only controls the educational segment. This program renews annually based on the academic performance. Second center was opened same year in Kathmandu, Nepal. After a great success, we are expanding this program to three other locations.


Beneficiary: 10th graders - who just completed 9th grade. The program starts from July - Apr. We only allow 15 to 20 girls to be enrolled under this program at this time. There will be detailed screening for future girlz’s candidates.

What do they get:
•90 minutes of math coaching 3 days a week
•90 minutes of computer coaching time 1 day a week
•90 minutes of English coaching 3 days a week
•5 Computer books on MS office to share
•English and Math workbooks to each girl
•3 hours of dedicated computer practice time per week.

Identifying locations: Be Educated has already over 80 Libraries at remote locations of India and Nepal (mostly in villages). under our selection criteria for this program, we find where high-school girls are in high number and the population is below the poverty line. The library must have a female caretaker. Enough space to accommodate two computers and room to accommodate 15-20 girls. 

For 2019, we have identified three new locations

• Deoira (Uttar Pradesh, India): Location is 50 km away from the city. There is a high school nearby, Place known for children malnutrition and for high poverty level. 
Contact: Haribansh at 919198359604
• Jorhat (Assam, India): About 75 km from the city surrounded by tea garden. The North East state is not so developed, unemployment rate is very high. Even though negative circumstances’ girls have very ambitious and wanted to be independent. 
Contact: Miss Sangita at 917002850185
• Tikamghar (Madya Pradesh, India): Far behind in all aspects like education, poverty, sanitation, drinking water, gender equality. But we found our 15 girls who will participate in our program
Contact Usha Verma 918319001853
Performance measures: Average combined score of English and Math should be 4% higher than last examination before the program. Based on this criterion center will be eligible be continue for following year.

Expense details

• Workbook and computer book $200
• Blackboard and teaching supplies $100
• 2 computers with the internet: $850 (new only)
• Tuition Fees for two teachers: $1,300
• Summer Art and craft classes and supplies: $150
• Girls empowerment day celebration: $100
• New year Party: $100
• Utility: $100
• Caretaker $150
Total: $3,050 for one new and $2,250 for one existing center

Total for 3 new centers: $9,150
Total for existing 2 centers: $4,500
Total cost to support Future Girlz Program for 2019: $13,650

Program Coordinator:
Toolika Garg – 91-8375065167  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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