Seeking help for - Home for Angels opening on July 14

Be Educated Movement is proud to announce launching of our project 'HOME FOR ANGELS' on Saturday July 15th at 10am. This project was initiated back in early January 2017 to give an education home to over 22 HIV affected children who been living with and been taken care by Mr. Reji  (Children call him Papa Reji) and his family in Palval Mumbai area. The goal of this project to provide these children a bigger place where they can raised with a better quality of life and education. Most of these are in 8-12 grade, medicine been taken care by government.  Please watch this video

Please support time is running out...

Be Educated wants to support Papa Reji on his divine work, guide these children and provide them best educational environment. There children were brought by Papa Reji from street, he and his family taking care of them from years, now these kids are growing up and home has not enough space. We have rented an adjacent to Papa Reji's home and providing this home all modern amenities under this project. We are also providing a Be Educated Library at this place.

Kashyap Sanghvi Project coordinator from Be Educated and Prof Manoj Srivastva will be present during the opening.
So far we have raised closed to $6500, shortfall of $3500. Be Educated is urging donors to please chip in some help to finish this project on time.

Here is the itemized Budget of project

  • Rent for 12 Months     - Rs 120,000
  • Security Deposit         - Rs 70,000
  • LED TC 40 inch          - Rs 44,900
  • Renovation Painting    - Rs 27,000
  • Computer                  - Rs 30,900
  • Water Purifier            - Rs 17,000
  • Microwave                 - Rs 18,470
  • Toaster                     - Rs 1,590
  • Refrigerator               - Rs 38,896
  • Freezer                     - Rs 25,250
  • Power Invertor          - Rs 21,000
  • Books                       - Rs 15,000
  • Shoe Rack                 - Rs 9,000
  • CCTV Camera            - Rs 23,700
  • Clothes Shelves          - Rs 50,000
  • Chairs                       - Rs 15,750
  • Book Shelf                 - Rs 21,000
  • Study Tables - 3         - Rs 34,500
  • Deliver Charges          - Rs 17,516
  • Total Cost                 - Rs 609,652 ~ USD 9,600

Please contact our project coordinator Kashyap Sanghvi at 904-403-8251 for any query you may have.

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