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Home for Angels - Education Fund

Home for the Angels, a very noble and humanitarian project initiated by Be Educated Movement to support over 32 orphan children, aged between 5-15 years whose parents died from AIDS and they been abandoned by their own. They all live in the foster home that is managed by Mr. Reji Thomas and his family in Suburb of Panval, Mumbai India. The Government of India covers all their medical expenses and Be Educated Movement provides support for children’s education and their well-being. All the children go to local school daily to be learnt and become responsible citizens in the future. Be Educated Movement is streaming towards building and maintaining a profile for each child for keeping track of their progress.

Our Aim….

When these kids grow up and step outside their foster home, our aim for them is to be independent and well established. In order to fulfill our goal, Be Educated Movement is working towards building and reserving the funds, to be used on every single child’s development. The funds raised will solely be used to cover their educational needs such as schooling, coaching/tuition fees, higher education, vocational training and foster home rental.

Be Educated Movement will hold on to the funds for the intended purpose mentioned above, and possess all the rights to make decisions. In the event if this Home for The Angels loses the purpose, Be Educated Movement Board may decide to spend the funds for similar cause or any other educational program. Fund spending details will be published on our Home for the Angels page.

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Accomplishment so far - Home for the Angels Project

Be Educated wants to support Papa Reji on his divine work, guide these children and provide them best educational environment. There children were brought by Papa Reji from street, he and his family taking care of them from years, now these kids are growing up and home has not enough space. We have rented an adjacent to Papa Reji's home and providing this home all modern amenities under this project. We are also providing a Be Educated Library at this place.

Kashyap Sanghvi Project coordinator from Be Educated with Prof Manoj Srivastva visited and inaugurated this place and have added all the household items. We spent closed to $10,000 till now. We designated Toolika Garg as children counselor.

Here is the itemized spending on this project

  • Rent for 12 Months     - Rs 120,000
  • Security Deposit         - Rs 70,000
  • LED TC 40 inch          - Rs 44,900
  • Renovation Painting    - Rs 27,000
  • Computer                  - Rs 30,900
  • Water Purifier            - Rs 17,000
  • Refrigerator               - Rs 38,896
  • Freezer                     - Rs 25,250
  • Power Invertor          - Rs 21,000
  • Books                       - Rs 15,000
  • CCTV Camera            - Rs 23,700
  • Chairs                       - Rs 15,750
  • Book Shelf                 - Rs 21,000
  • Study Tables - 3         - Rs 34,500
  • 16 Bunk bed              - Rs 300,000

Please contact our project coordinator Kashyap Sanghvi at 904-403-8251 for any query you may have.

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