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Be Educated Movement is a non-profit Public charity organization, it can survive only with you generous support. We want our donor's to know that our overheads are either none or absolutely minimal because all of our volunteers work without any compensation, even we have eliminated the infrastructure costs from any of our project. Please see the Project Report and Accounts sections for the budget and expenses. We encourage our donor to know us better before they make any pledge. We would like to be associated and work together with the like-minded people who understand and support our mission, in order to take this movement to greater cause. We have launched a progam called 'Education Through Library', opening many libraries worldwide. This especially designed library is an inovative and unique concept, It provides the alomost similar services compare to the tradional library in a very low setup and operating cost (just $800 to setup a library and $120 a year to operate). We seek you support so that we can open many libraries in various part of India and world. Please see the complete project report for detail in resource section.

You may help this movement in three different ways

1. Sponsor a Library Project :

As Individual Sponsor: One Library costs about $800, we seek a sponsor to sponsor the entire cost for one Library project. We reserve the first page of each book for the sponsor to print his name and also the name and details of anybody to whom the sponsor may like to dedicate the library. Once you show your interest we will call you back with more details about the project Location, location servey report, estimated date of opening etc. Please find Proposal document for detail.

As Corporate Sponsor: We seek the help from our corporate sectors to come forward and sponsor the library projects. Rightnow we are looking forward for three types of sponsorship, Introductory Support - $2000 for 2 library projects. Golden Support - $5000 for 5 Library projects and Platinum Support - $10,000 for 10 library projects. He have put all in a document, Please find the Proposal document for detail.

2. Be our Support Member

We seek your continuous support; show your willingness to make a fix contribution every month (whatever amount you can). See how it will make a diiference; For example you decided to make a contribution worth of $10.00 per month. If Movement gets 100 generous supportors like, every month we will be able to open a library which means 12 libraries in one year, your contruibution together will help 1200 kids.

3. Become an active member

It is greatly appreciated, if you willing to become an active member, Movement will assign some task or will nominate you project manager for one of the Library Projects, helping with fund raising or other activities.When you express you desire becoming an active member of Movement, our office will contact you and based on your interest we will assign you some volunteer work for the Movement. Please refer the Article III Membership Section of the Bylaws for detail.

4. Support a Library

One library costs $150 annual to operate, the cost includes $100 for honorarium to librarian, $25 for annual Inspection and $25 to cover Maintenance and Insurance cost. Donation $150 will be due on each anniversary of the assigned library. You will need to sign-up to support a Library.

Once you decide how you want to support, Please fill out appropriate pledge form and mail back to us.

If you have trouble printing Pleadge form, Please give us a call or send an email.

Please make your check payable to Be Educated Movement Inc. and mail it to

Be Educated Movement
7617 New Heart Drive
Plano, TX 75024 (USA)

You can contact either of our Board of Directors for further details or assistance.

Note: Be Educated Movemnet has received tax-exempt status with IRS (USA) on 20th December 2005. Your donations may be tax exempted.

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