Volleyball Tournament raised over $7600 for Library program

Dallas, TX March 22,2014: Second volleyball tournament took place at Sportplex in Dallas. This two day event was organized by Be Educated Movement Dallas and Indian Association of North Taxes (www.iant.org) to benefit Be Educated Library program. Total 17 teams and over 120 players participated. Entire tournament was divided into two groups. Top 8 were chosen for Group A, was sponsored by IANT  and rest 7 teams were for Group B and was sponsored by NOVEDIA . Punjab Lions declared as winner of Group A whereas Force was winner of Group B. Thunders and Flaming Spikers were came to second place.

This event was supported by following organizions

  • IANT (India Association of North Texas)
  • TANTEX (Telugu Association of North Texas)
  • NATS (North America Telugu Society)
  • TANA (Telugu Association of North America)
  • NATA (North America Telugu Association)
  • ATA (American Telugu association)

Be Educated thanks to the organizers Raj Gondhi, Ashok Kumar and Murali who tiredlesly worked for the success of this event. Beside the hard work of organizers there are many indivisuals and high school kids who helped throughout the event. Special Thanks to Media Partners TV9, TV5 and Desi Plaza for covering the event.

This Tournamant raises over $4651 cash to fund books to existing libraries and also three libraries were sponsors by Anand Dasari from NOVEDIA Inc. and Velu Raman from Sastha Tamil Foundation.

Be Educated Board congratulates organizers for successfully organizing this tournament and really appreciates your hard work, dedication and leadership in mobilization such a vibrant support for the event and in turn helping the movement.

 Be Educated is very grateful to all the donors, supporters and sponsors, especially the event sponsors www.novedea.com, Battula Associates, Sastha Tamil Foundation, and Dr Srinivans. "We assure that fund received will be immediately and effectively utilized and it will change the lives of more than 500 needy students. Education is a tool which not only changes the life of a person but also has a long-term impact on future generations of the person. Kudos to everyone who helped" Mahendra Says.

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