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Since 2005 Be Educated Movement is working on library Project on rural area of Nepal, India (almost in all states) and Pakistan. Movement has reached to the places where no other development program has reached yet, some are even in very disturbed area. Children living in those area have no good books available, have no direction, future is dark and uncertain. Libraries are giving them a hope. Our librarians are volunteers and local people and social workers, they are trained and know what the local population need, helping children, providing them guidance and motivation.

Huge Demand coming up from the those nearby area, Children and parents are requesting our coordinators to open Be Educated Libraries in their villages. We did many location serverys and approved locations in various parts. Now we need funding to start them, Our funding is completely depended upon our generous sponsors. We are urging people to come forward and sponsor libraries so that the children living in remote area can hope for a bright future.

About Be Educated Library:

  • Each Library costs $800 to start and $150 annually thereafter to maintain.
  • Libraries have only issuing facility.
  • Location approves after a scientific survey.
  • Opens three days a week for 7 hours.
  • Provides expensive and exclusive books to the children of grade 8-12 and  career oriented guides, inspiring book collection, Computer and technology books, biography of great personalities,brain teasers and employment news.
  • We traine our libraries to guide and motivate the children.
  • It's absolutely free.
  • Libraries will have special programs, like quiz competition from time to time to keep children with main stream.
  • Physical Inspection every year.

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How you can help ?

You can sponsor a complete Library in only $1000. We can dedicate your Library to your beloved one. It takes 2-3 month to open once received the fund.
You can also adopt a library amd donate $150 every year for its maintenance.

Sponsor a Library

Donations made to the organization are tax-deductible in the US under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. IRS EIN: 20-2300308.  

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