Adopt a Library


Why Need to Adopt:

Be Educated is going through a shortage of fund, kind of cash crunch of operating fund, as we are growing and adding new library projects, our operating expenses are growing exponentially. It is obvious because each library needs $150 for annual operation. It will be better if we find the donors who make commitment to cover annual operating cost. Adopt a Library means you will be funding to support one library

How we spend your $150 Contribution:

  • We pay $110 to our Librarian every year, It is kind of award for hard works librarian make to operate the library and providing space at no cost. This award keep the librarian motivated. Award is only given once it has passed the inspection.
  • $30 goes toward the annual Inspection cost, Coordinator Travel cost.
  • $10 will be paid for the subscription of Employment News.
  • Books replacement will not be spend from this fund. Be Educated adds book from own budget.

What you need to do:

  • You can choose your own Library (if has not been already adopted). See Be Educated Project-Libraries in Pakistan/India/Nepal and click on specific library.
  • Once you adopt we add you name at Adopted by section. Mention Library ID (like MH001/MP003 etc) while you making donation.
  • If not specified we will assign one for you.
  • Contribution will be due every year.
  • Be Educated Movement will send the performance report of your adopted Library every year.

 Click here to Adopt a Library


Donations made to the organization are tax-deductible in the US under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. IRS EIN: 20-2300308. 



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