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Home for Angels - Education Fund


Home for the Angels, a very noble and humanitarian project initiated by Be Educated Movement to support over 30 orphan children, aged between 5-15 years whose Parents died from AIDS and they been abandoned by their own. They all live in the foster home that is managed by Mr. Reji Thomas and his family in Suburb of Panval, Mumbai India. The Government of India covers all their medical expenses and Be Educated Movement provides support for children’s education and their well-being. All the children go to local school daily to be learnt and become responsible citizens in the future. Be Educated Movement is streaming towards building and maintaining a profile for each child for keeping track of their progress.
Our Aim….
When these kids grow up and step outside their foster home, our aim for them is to be independent and well established. In order to fulfill our goal, Be Educated Movement is working towards building and reserving the funds, to be used on every single child’s development. The funds raised will solely be used to cover their educational needs such as schooling, coaching/tuition fees, higher education, vocational training and foster home rental.
Be Educated Movement will hold on to the funds for the intended purpose mentioned above, and possess all the rights to make decisions. In the event if this Home for The Angels loses the purpose, Be Educated Movement Board may decide to spend the funds for similar cause or any other educational program. Fund spending details will be published on our Home for the Angels page.
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Or send check to Be Educated Movement - in Note mention Home for Angels and send at
12 Porcher St, Dover DE 19901.


Future Girlz

Fortunate to offer help the incredible girls who have the ability to shape and lead their life of their own with virtually no support from their family. These girls have sparkle in their eyes, passion in emotions and dexterity to achieve their dreams.

Our First Project
Be Educated has came across a center in Rajkot city of Gujrat, where over 50 girls from age 7 to 19, staying and continuing their studies. These girls belong to very poor families and came from remote village where they don't have good schools. These girls are bright and very serious in their studies.
They got admission in city schools but can't afford accommodation, books and food. This center helps them, provides them shelter and food. Government also provides minimal grants to this center. Be Educated has opened a Library inside the center in 2014. These girls need help in education. We decided to bring this center under our 'Future Girlz' project to boost their educational motivation. We have talked to each girls and try understand what their goals are, what help they will need to achieve and what are the problems they having in center in their day-to-day life. We identified three immediate need.

Immediate Need 1: No Water: There is no water in center, girls have to go to municial locations to grab daily water consumption. There was a pump inside but not working. This is really sad and killing their study time. We have decided to put a summer set pump - cost is around 43K INR . 200 ft Boaring and Pump Installation. You can help $650

Immediate Need 2: No Computers - This center has no computer. We don't think that in this era without computer comprehensive and competitive education is possible, We are adding 2 desktop at that center for 55 girls. We have Quotation for two desktop computers (Rs 42000)+ Internet connection for Year ~ INR 50K ($750)

Need 3: No Entertainment - There is no TV at center. This may not be a critical need but entertainment and News are needed for all. We are adding 32 inch flat screen LED TV (Rs 17,490TCL 99.1 cm (39 inches) L39D2900 Full HD LED TV (Black)) $270 USD
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Or send check to Be Educated Movement - in Note mention Future Girlz
12 Porcher St, Dover DE 19901.


The Power of ONE Event

13th Anniversary Celebration The Power of ONE 2016 - Saturday, April 25th 2020 starting at 5:30PM - Biggs Museum, 406 Federal St,  Dover DE  

 Ticket for Event: $25 ($30 at door) - Food, Music, Dance, Silent and Live Auction, door prizes and 50-50 Raffle

Raffle for Education and Arts - $10 and win $200 Gift card (Buy online we will email you Ticket number) Drawn will be happen on Apr 25th during our Power of One Event. All fund goes to support the cause


Sponsorship (Adversiment, Platinum, Gold Sponsorship) 



Sponsor a location for Be Educated - Be Well (Health Camp 2015) :

In this program, Doctors will be onsite to do health screening of all members and our trained coordinators will educate local community about early detection, preventative care and to live healthy. We have 108 locations and seeking your support to sponsor a location ($200 per location)
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One Time Donation:

Fund goes toward the general operation fund to support and promote the Movement.
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Your Monthly funding helps running our operation smooth and uninterrupted. This is great Support for the Movement. You can unsubscribe any time for any reason. Simply click on Unsubscribe link and follow steps. Subscription requires paypal account, Please click one of links below and follow steps.



 Sponsor a Complete Library: (Detail)

You will be sponsoring a complete library for $800. We will glad to dedicate your library to your beloved one. Please mention at checkout. We will communicate as soon we decide the location. Decision will be made based on how critically the location is. Entire process take about 3 months. At this time we have many approved library locations and they are waiting for.
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Adopt a Library: (Detail)

$150 annual, your donation will cover the operation cost of your adopted library. we have over 100 Libraries waiting be adopted. Please support Adopt a Library Drive.
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Book Drive: (Details)

Our Libraries has dire need of books due to major syllabus change. 100 Libraries need 3000 books by JUNE 2015. Donate for 5,10,15,20,25,50 or 100 Books. A book costs average $5.00.
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Donation by Mail:

If you wish to make you donation by check. Make your check payable to Be Educated Movement and attach a note with your name, mailing address and support type, mail it to our account office.
7617 New Heart Drive  
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Phone no: 214-453-2642

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